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Working Area of Indian Foundation!

We work in these fields -

  • Providing basic facilities along with extra provisions of food, clothing, medical education and emplyment to the needy, poor people, orphan children, women, old aged and physically challenged people.

  • Spreading awareness among children and common masses in concern with enviroment and natural resources.Informing them about their advantages and disadvantages. Providing them guidance for their proper exploitation and conservation. To take appropriate action towards the people, organization, businessmen or company who are polluting or misusing the percious enviroment.

  • Providing awarness to children, women, youth and old-aged people about their rights and duties. Also efforts are made to provide right to the exploited.

  • Helping the immature orphans, ignored, depressed classes, people residing in dirty and congested chawls,poor and over exploited facilties, people rejected from society, people people residing along roadsides. Indian foundation provides them microfinancial support, giving the necessary training to earn themselves a living which will make their families self sufficient and independent.They can fulfill their basic requirments and provide their children higher education and basic requirments.

  • Creating awarness among people towards conservation of enviroment flora and fauna, protecting their natural habitats, raising voice against animal abuse and involving legal actionsagainst the same, properly managed their rehabilitation centers. TO work for their diagonals and health.

  • Creating awareness among common people concerning the bed evils preservating in the society stopping blind faith and inappropriate practices of necessary, using legal and constitutuion based actions against people spreading such iraational practices.

  • Organising public oriented and religious provisions of all kinds.

  • Organising functions and gatherings in support of national unity, communal integrity, universal brotherhood and global peace.

  • Organising educational and welfare programmes for needy women, people and children on the basis of priority

  • Raising voice against all kinds of addictions, awaring the people about them bad effects and results, proper diagnosis and care of addicted people.Addiction free programmes are being organized for them.

  • Supporting the people who donate blood, eyes and other organs of humanbody for religious purposes on them own wish.

  • Providing information about transportation related rules and norms spreading awareness among citizens, awaring common people in concern with road management antiprotection, organizing programmes and security week etc.

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