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Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Indian Foundation. The opportunities for volunteering here are many and meaningful, The Indian Foundation is a group of people like you.

  • Volunteers for Counselling Program:

    Some children may have a serious medical problem that does not have an easy solution. They and their family may be experiencing social and emotional difficulties. It’s comforting to know that they are not alone with the feelings and difficulties they face. You are ready to help children and families in situations like these. You will be happy to note that our volunteer friends including pediatric surgeons, parents and lawyers are regularly counseling family of patients for over a year now, some time personally and some time through telephone or email.

  • Volunteer for Advocacy Program:

    Like any other activity, advocacy or speak-out has basic rules which every volunteer should know. We the people elect officials to represent us in the government of our country, state and cities. How well we are represented depends upon our individual persistence and effectiveness in making our views known to these legislators and every level of government. Our Speak-Out program is not limited to the functioning of the goverment but each & every issue, which touches life of our little ones day today. We request you to become an effective advocate for the 1 billion Indians, including millions of children.

  • Volunteer for Fund Raising:

    While you are reading this some one is in serious need of help to get his/her tiny heart fixed or some one is looking for a small help to get his medical investigation done. Our Fundraising volunteers are creative, passionate individuals who want to influence and shape our highly desirable, valuable and useful ideas and help the needy ones. Come join us.

  • Volunteer for Co-ordination and Administration Support:

    You can donate your professional skills – we are constantly in need of specialized skills in various professional areas including Public Relations/Marketing, Financial Accounting, Project Evaluation and Selection, Graphic Design, Web design and Programming, Software Development, Publishing, and Legal.

  • Volunteer for Selective Choices:

    Volunteer for selective choices means you can be our volunteer on your time choices i.e if you cant find time in weekend then you can select your own volunteering date and volunteerting time i.e if sunday or any day is the best day for you to be volunteer with us you can choose your own timing thus can help needy person.