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Despite the numerous promises and provisions made by the Indian government, the state of many of India’s children continues to be pitiable. Statistics reveal that there are close to 17 million child laborers, about 3 to 5 lakh children are forcibly engaged in prostitution and at least 18 million children live on the streets in India. Donate online today to sponsor a child for causes such as child education and give them a new hope. All NGOs listed here work for poor children or child welfare. Do your part – donate to a child charity; and help bring these numbers down.


Information, though conservative, shows that there are 70 million disabled people in India. One in every ten children or 3% of the countrys total child population also falls in this category. The government itself admits that of the total disabled population, only 2% are educated and 1% employed. Yet, no great effort is being made to give physically challenged people a better world. Here’s your chance to support disabled people. Give employment opportunities to the handicapped and enable them to lead an independent life. Just a small gift of a hearing aid, wheelchair, tricycle or Braille kit will make a big difference.


Government reports indicate that 59 million children between 6-14 years do not attend school. Official information further indicates that just a little over one-third of all children who enroll in grade one reach grade eight. And this in a country which has made education for children in the age group 6-14 years a fundamental right? Donate online for the education of poor children in India. Education charities can potentially play a vital role in the country’s development as educated children are the key to a bright future. Your help will go a long way in providing educational opportunities for children who would otherwise be left behind.


Elderly people contribute immensely to the growth of society - provided that they are properly cared for. Cases of poverty, neglect, inadequate health care, lack of health insurance and even abuse against senior citizens are rising by the day - pretty surprising for a country thats famous for its culture of respect for the elderly. Statistics show that government funding, old age pension schemes and the like are insufficient and are not properly administered. Help old age people today - its not hard to see why your help is so important.


Even as we celebrate a booming economy, with its surplus jobs and employment opportunities, a section of our population is just waiting for a chance to earn their first salary - however small it may be. Ironically, we also have the highest number of child laborers - close to 17 million. With just your days salary, you can help reduce unemployment in India by funding vocational education and training programmes especially aimed at rural development in India. Empower someone with a job and pull them not just out of unemployment but poverty too!


As our lifestyles become more 'developed' by the day, so does the damage we do to the environment. Our every move, from watching television, to working at a computer, to taking a flight to our favourite holiday destination harms the environment in one way or the other. Air and water pollution levels are increasing world over by the day. Available information shows that more than 700,000 children under five die from diarrhea in India alone. Never before has the need to use alternative resources, such as wind, solar and nuclear energy been so high. A good time to start would be now!


With a mere 0.9% of India GDP being spent on health care, the scenario, not surprisingly, is not a very pleasing one. Data shows that every second child in the country suffers from malnutrition that over 1,000 people succumb to Tuberculosis every day, that almost 60,000 children are born with HIV each year! Basic health care and health assurance seem to be a distant dream for most of the population.

Human Rights

Its said that a right is not what someone gives you; its what no one can take from you. Yet, basic human rights in India have somehow been taken away from a vast section of the population. With a million scavengers, thousands of cases of domestic violence and dowry deaths, and an appalling number of child labourers, we surely have a long way to go where securing basic human rights and empowerment is concerned. You can make a difference – choose from the list below and donate today to Human Right NGOs and charities working for human rights and empowerment in India.


For a country whose population of women alone is more than the total population of many other countries, we fare pretty low where their treatment is concerned. The number of sexual abuse and domestic violence cases against women and the number of issues against a women's health in India clearly throws light on the fact that women in India do not enjoy even basic rights. Given such a scenario, it becomes clear that women charities have an important role to play. It is our responsibility to uplift the plight of the women in this country Lend your support to NGOs working in the women cause and make donations to women's health, welfare and family services in India. Choose from the list below and make a donation today!


As the youth population in India has been increasing over the years, so have the opportunities for them. Young people today are spoiled for choices not only when it comes to securing an education and career but especially where lifestyle choices are concerned. However, the truth is that a majority India’s youth do not enjoy privilege of making this choice. Their lives are ridden with problems ranging from financial difficulties, to lack of educational opportunities, to unemployment and more. It’s time we realized their potential as the future of the country and supported more youth development programs. Do your bit – choose from the list of NGOs working for youth below and donate for youth welfare in India.